October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Spotlight on Our Fabulous Dental Hygienists

To celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month in October we wanted to showcase our wonderful staff.

There is ongoing research that shows a direct link between oral health and general health. At East Portland Dentistry, Portland dentist Dr. Joy Arend and her team tell patients that your oral health is essential to a healthy life. Consistent research findings are increasing the demand for preventative dental care and oral health services, which is provided by dental hygienists.

Over the past decade, the number of dental offices has multiplied and dental and medical technologies have advanced tremendously. Here at East Portland Dentistry we educate our staff and patients daily about the emerging trends, and we stay ahead of the changing curve. One trend we noticed is the need for qualified dental hygienists in the industry.

Our compassionate dental hygienists are committed to helping you feel comfortable during your dental office visit.

Dentals hygienist is an essential part of every practice. In our dental offices they take necessary X-rays, they conduct our patients first overall exams and the use the internal cameras to educate our patients on issues they may see with their teeth.

They will examine patient’s gums and review the perio-chart for information for our doctor. You habits will be apparent for the dental hygienist and they may ask you about your flossing and brushing patterns.

It is best to always be honest with the staff. Our ultimate goal is your health and we want to work with you to meet your health goals. Our hygienist plays an important role in your health. We wanted to take a moment to introduce our great team. Without our committed passionate staff we would not be where we ware today. Thank you ladies for your hard work and commitment to our patient’s health.

Meet Our Team Here 

If you are considering a career as a dental hygienist we would love to share our insights with you. Call East Portland Dentistry today at 503-253-0226!