Best Springtime Food For Your Teeth

Here at East Portland Dentistry, we have many patients who come in with a springtime glow. As the sun peeks through the clouds here in Oregon, we start to think about our health as we come out of hibernation.

Dentist in Portland, Oregon Dr. Joy Arend and her team have found that many patients are choosing to put healthier foods into their body. We want to remind you that your health is not just about how you look, it is more important about how you feel. What you eat will make a difference in your overall health and your smile.

Remember that eating healthy foods and making solid choices is an individual process, but adding these key foods to your diet will give you powerful health-promoting benefits.


Avocados can give you healthy skin, hair and teeth. They are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, which is the healthy kind of fat. Avocados are high in fiber and provide vitamin B, folic acid and potassium.


Berries are a summer time favorite food that will be more available as the weather heats up. Eat them for antioxidant power. Berries are a great food to add into smoothies, baked goods and breakfast yogurt, or just eaten on their own!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is nature’s best source of fatty acids. It is easily digested and will go to help support kidney and liver function. It can be substituted for other kinds of oil and used in cooking and baking.

Leafy Greens & Vegetables

Leafy greens are nutrient dense, and they can help combat food allergies as well as inflammatory diseases. They also protect you from cancer and aid in maintaining a healthy intestinal balance by promoting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens like cabbage all have high levels of the cancer-preventive properties.

We understand that sometimes it is hard to eat salad, so juice or blend your greens to get the same benefit when you’re on the go. Green smoothies are a great way to get more vitamins.


Eat more eggs for incredible health. One serving or one egg contains natural B12 and choline, which supports your heart and brain health. Eggs are high in protein which can help strengthen your bones and teeth.

The interaction of nutrient-dense foods combined with your other healthy habits is the key to a healthy body and mind. The food you eat can help prevent cavities and other tooth problems. To check on your dental health, call dentist in Portland Dr. Joy Arend at 503-253-0226 to schedule a personal appointment.