Free Sealants for Children on March 1st!

As Oregonians, we regularly sport slickers and rain boots to protect ourselves from the elements. We don’t fret the torrential downpour (or the occasional blustery snowstorm); rather, we gear up and go out. Likewise, we can easily gear up and protect our teeth from decay; A simple visit to East Portland Dentistry will better equip teeth to ward off harmful acids that attack tooth enamel and result in cavities.

To help prevent plaque and decay, we highly recommend sealants. A sealant is a plastic substance that dentists apply to the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars. The sealant bonds to the teeth, creating a barrier that prevents plaque and food debris from settling on areas of the teeth that a toothbrush cannot effectively reach. Because the back teeth naturally have many pits and fissures (grooves and depressions), it is difficult to properly clean them. Not surprisingly, most tooth decay strikes the pits and fissures of premolars and molars.

At East Portland Dentistry, we endorse sealants as preventive treatment for children, teenagers, and adults. As soon as the back teeth emerge, children are susceptible to tooth decay. We target sealants on healthy teeth to prevent potential painful and costly treatment later. Under the force of normal chewing, sealants often last five to ten years and can be reapplied as needed. In recognition of National Children’ts Dental Health Month, we are offering free sealants to children ages 6 to 15 on Saturday, March 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. by appointment. We welcome new patients to our community.

The procedure to apply sealants is practically painless and does not require drilling or anesthesia. After the teeth are professionally cleaned, the dentist simply paints the sealant onto the chewing surface. The sealant covers the tooth’s pits and fissures, bonds to the tooth, and hardens within approximately one minute. To help the sealant harden, your Portland, Oregon dentist may shine a special curing light on the teeth. The sealant process is not one to dread!

Sealants are an effective part of preventive dental care. Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings are still necessary for good oral hygiene. It’s also essential to brush twice a day and to floss once a day. Just as we shield ourselves from the weather, we need to protect ourselves – and our children – from tooth decay. With the right gear and care, it’s possible to steer clear of cavities. Please join us at East Portland Dentistry as we seal our commitment to community with free sealants!