Family Dentist East portland

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association recommends your child have their first exam within six months of the eruption of their first tooth, or definitely by age one. Though some of a child’s baby teeth don’t erupt until between 24 and 30 months, it is important to screen for problems early and review diet, fluoride, and home care.

We now know the jaw bones change over the course of a lifetime. These changes can affect the position of the teeth at any point in one’s life. One of the most common areas of shifting occurs with the lower front teeth. Our dentist in Gateway offers a variety of options designed to hold teeth in place or correct an area of movement.

The best toothbrush is the one that works best for you. We have a lot of patients who do an excellent job with a soft manual toothbrush. For others, a rotary brush really makes their routine easier and more thorough. We encourage you to speak with your hygienist or East Portland dentist to find the brush that best treats your needs.